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About Rising Shark

There are a ton of gaming news, gaming YouTube channels and review websites out there, but at Rising Shark Gaming, we’re just like you. It’s disappointing to get psyched for a game, only for it to be a complete waste of time and money. We want to take the guesswork out of the equation. We are dedicated to making sure you, the game consumer, can be well-informed about the latest and greatest in games. To do that, you can expect us to metaphorically chew through a variety of games, so you can discover the hottest games available.

Right now, we're only really a two person team, with several others that join in to help us every once in a while. This will help us to make Rising Shark Gaming our livelihood, so that we can do an even better job and put out higher quality content. Supporting us is a monthly commitment, however you can set how much or how little you want to give us each month, even if it's only $1.00. We would appreciate even the smallest of contributions, as that would mean more than the world to us.  

Not only will your contribution allow this passion project to become our livelihood, Contributions will allow us to support additional staff and operate out of an office along with actually going to conventions. We also wanna do little giveaways and big giveaways, such as video game consoles!

At Rising Shark we care about our fellow gamers. We just want to have fun and play the best games. And being able to share that with all of you is the most important thing in the world to us.

We also recently started a second channel for discussions, analysis and reviews for not just games, but also tv shows, anime, and movies.

Be sure to check out www.risingshark.com to see written game reviews and gaming news. Also be sure to check out twitter at https://twitter.com/risingshark  along with our YouTube Let's Play Channel at RIsing Shark Gaming YouTube and our Review Channel at Rising Shark Reviews
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Reaching this goal will allow us to completely cover the cost of new games that can be reviewed or Let's Played on the Rising Shark site and on our YouTube Channel, which allows us to cover entirely new or very recently released games.
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