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About Riuthamus


I am an aspiring artist who thrives on the concepts of creation and manipulation. These ideals have thrust me into the world of game development and roleplaying. With these passions in mind I am pushing forward to make a career and gain more from life than just the day to day grind. To be truly happy we must find that which is our purpose in this world and strive for it.

I was born in Denver, CO however, I never had the chance to view much of its beauty. When I was two my family's home had a fire that forced us to move. My father and mother set off to create a new life in Texas where he would work as a humble electrician. I did not come from a life of luxury; despite that my father provided for us the best that he could. From an early age my parents knew that I would be an artist. I would find anything I could get my hands on to create pictures or doodles. The world was my canvas and the objects around me my paint. At times this led to some messing situations, but it reassured them of my true purpose and would eventually lead them to pushing me in the right direction.

As I grew older my parents noticed my talent growing and they sought to foster it further. My parents spoke with a local college about allowing me to join one of their art classes despite my young age. It was odd at the time, most of the people in the class were older and wondering why I was there. I remember thinking “why do they always look at me, are they upset that I draw as well as them?” I remember sitting in the car with my father as we waiting for the class to start. The radio was playing some song from a band named “Bush”, at the time it was all the rage in Seattle and I just remember thinking “The band name is so silly”.
What I did not notice at the time was my father and how tired he was from a full day of work. Despite this he took the time to ensure I made it to class on time, and would wait for me to leave the class so I could go home. At the time, I did not know what it all meant but looking back now I owe so much to my parents for the sacrifices they made to ensure I followed my life’s dream.

Into high school now and I was fortunate enough to be part of a newly built school. The faculty had decided to create some forward-thinking curriculum at the time; web design, graphic design, and photography classes. It was here that I really learned how to push myself and branch into the digital arts. My teacher saw my potential and urged me to peruse my skills after leaving high school. As all children do, I brushed off the wise advice from a much smarter man and instead joined the Navy, but I like to think that the events that took place had a reason for it after all.

Several years later I would find myself with the difficult choice of staying in a career for the Navy or getting out and attending college for graphic design. It was a week before I had to make the choice and the college I was looking at attended has just lost the "yellow ribbon" funding after governmental budget cuts had taken place. Without any guarantee of the programs return and having no desire to return home (essentially taking a step backward in what I thought to be my life's progression) I re-enlisted once more into the Navy. I thought this was a huge mistake and would only make my dreams harder to reach, but much like the boy in the book “The Alchemist” my journey had a purpose and it would lead me to find my eventual wife.

The event that changed my life forever would be meeting my wife in some random location in Singapore. People often question if fate exists or not. For me, if it does not exist then the chances of me finding the perfect person so far across the globe in a little remote location seems astronomical. I must be the luckiest of men, or perhaps fate does exist and I was meant to find her at that exact time. In either case I win, so I am happy! My wife is crucial to my success as an artist as she supports my every attempt. She enjoys watching me as I learn and grow and she in turn tries to learn the same things. There is no greater feeling than to have somebody to share your passion and desire with and watch as they revel in your work. She may not know it, but without her support and love I would not be able to create the things I do.

Finally, we arrive at today. With 10+ years of Naval service under my belt I have learned to juggle my time accordingly to ensure I complete work on time while feeding my inner passion for art. I want to step into the next level and prepare myself for upcoming phase of my life. The dream of becoming a full artist is so very close I but only need to reach out and grasp it. This Patreon, as with many countless ideas, is an attempt to do just that. With its success, I will fund my ability to create art in my free time while still maintaining my life with my wife and my daily job.

Art is my passion and I truly believe it is what I was put on this earth to do. So, join me along my journey while I found out where my dreams will take me, and a heartfelt sincere thank you to all who have supported or will support me along the way.

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We want to upgrade the network that we are using within the DnD session studio. To do this we need to purchase a mesh style network that will allow for all of our players to have direct and simple access to the network. This will allow them to speak with the viewers through chat while still playing the game. Once the goal has been reached will be purchased three of the new Linksys Velop.
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