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I've always known that drawing is something that I want to do since I was young. Every time I get a paper and pencil (or pen), I always doodled my favorite characters in the cartoons. My classroom notebooks are full of doodles ( I did made sure that I got good grades  still though lol).

When I was in my late 20's, I came across a group of people in Guild Wars that  got me into Role Playing. For years, we developed this character-driven storyline that gave me this nagging drive to turn it to a graphic novel. We called it Eon

Jan 2010, I was 30 years old...I bought a wacom bamboo tablet..these was the first artwork. This was what I managed to produce.

I pushed on and self-studied drawing through tutorials, workshops and reaching out for critiques. I am still learning but I hope to always push my skills to the next level. 

With your help, I hope to finish the Eon Graphic Novel.

But it will not stop there, I will continue to draw and reach out to help other aspiring artists like me to help realize their creative goals.


Thank you!
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My main art goal has always been to work on my Eon Graphic Novel. I've had a few pages created in 2011 but I was not happy with how my artwork turned out so I decided to get better at drawing first before tackling this again.

In order to focus on this goal, I need to stop doing commissions which greatly help supplement my income. I feel really bad having to turn down potential clients but I cannot delay this project any longer and I have gotten more confident with my skills.

Me and my co-authors, Ixael and Cuan, have rewritten the story (while still keeping the essence of the Role Play plot points that greatly shaped Eon) and re-designed  the characters. We'd be happy to share this journey with you.
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