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Get my weekly HD live video shows where I play violin and sing over house, electronic, hip hop and pop beats to bring you a unique show in the comfort of your own home. I put my heart and soul into every song. Everything is improvised; original. All of me I give to you through this music which was given to me. Let me help you come alive. Subscribe and get an unforgettable experience on your phone.  

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Are you interested in learning how to write a song and produce vocals? I would love to share everything that I've learn over the past 10 years as a songwriter. Having worked in some of the top music studios in the world in Nashville, Stockholm, New York and Los Angeles, I am keen and ready to share all my knowledge with you? How did I get to write a hit song in Ibiza, get in the Top 40 on Spotify and Top 10 on radio? I'll share all my industry secrets with you. But first and foremost, we have to focus on the music! I would love to help you develop in your skills and unlock your potential. I'll show you how to record and produce from your car, wardrobe, or home studio (yes I still record from my car sometimes). You'll learn how to set up your studio, choose a microphone, record vocals, vocal technique, layering vocals & backing vocals, editing vocals, using vocal effects, lyrical arrangement and MUCH MORE :) Let's get started 

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Wow! You are a superfan and truly believe in my music. To thank you for your support you will get access to ALL exclusive content, have VIP access to my shows, have the chance to hangout with me after shows, get new original songs before released and have 2 monthly 45 minutes video chats with me. In addition, I would love to hear about your passions and promote your business/products on my social media. Your contribution allows me to thrive as an artist as I continue to create and release great music! Thank you for being an integral part of the journey!

About Rivkah Hope

Welcome to my crazy world where time is parallel, love is invited, negative energy is not, mistakes are seen as learning curves, and where there is a ton of belief. Belief in changing for the better, belief in self restoration, belief in serving others, belief that every person has a multitude of potential which can be unlocked with education, growth, a sense of safety and a loving community. Hope you’re inspired by my music and in some way can relate 

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