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is creating Pen & Ink drawing, Watercolor illustrations, and Acrylic paintin
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Thank you for supporting me and my efforts towards creating meaningful stories and art, as well as a children's book to be completed later this year! Come back and check things out each week as I will be face down in my sketchbook and uploading new material regularly!
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Sweet! I cannot thank you enough for your support! Rock on! I will be posting new material on a regular basis and cannot wait for you to see the progress towards the final goal!
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FIVE? FIVE BUCKS! Awesome! This really does help and I appreciate your subscription to my new project!




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About R. James Rhodes

So, here's the deal...

I was recently laid off from a gig that I had for 8+ years, which in and of itself isn't a bad thing because I was already burned out and looking for the next interesting thing to do with my life, but the whole experience brought a sense of clarity and the realization that I wasn't really living life as much as I was just existing. Miserable. The next question became one of, "how do I pave a new path?" versus "where's my next job?"

Does that necessarily equate to what is so commonly referred to as a "passion"? Maybe not, because seriously, who is going to pay me to listen to heavy metal and drink beer? But, I do need to draw - I need to do it every day - and with a 3/yo son and a 5/yo daughter I have a ton of ideas coming my way daily!

That's all great, but why am I doing this on Patreon? Because I believe that the best way to see if what you do as an artist has any value at all is to put it out there. Let folks look at it, tear it down, build it up, participate, and hopefully, buy it. If you are still with me on this, great, you should subscribe. If you think I am a sellout, fine, but know this - almost every piece of entertainment that you watch, listen to, buy, etc., is created by artists - film directors/producers, actors, animators, singers, music producers, drummers, cartoonists, fine art painters. Every. Last. Piece. 

So, I am putting it all out here. Well, maybe not all. Surprise and delight are also part of the plan! 

You should support artists. Artists make your life better. They make you laugh, cry, think, look at things a new way, and maybe they even inspire you to do something creative yourself. So, if you dig my stuff, subscribe and I will keep creating more stuff. Tell your friends. Buy a piece of art and put it on your wall. I have some exciting stuff planned for the next 6 months and I would love to have you along for the ride!

How I work

I write a running script for most every concept that I put down in the form of sketches. I write ideas down in a small Field Notes Brand notebook and then draft the "ideation script" in Scrivener. Some folks think that Scrivener may be overkill for this type of project, but I like using it in the event that I may want to expand the ideas into longer form stories or comics later. 

I draw in a very loose style - meaning that I tend to draw in an almost "cartoony" way.  The lines are meant to be a bit messy because I think that they show movement and make adding color a little more fun as well. Additionally, I like the way that the loose style adds to the overall storytelling process as well. I have included some examples on this page of what my style looks like. Some of my favorite art is gestural in nature, with little details that accent the image, and I try and make that come through in my art.

I use a ton of different media - standard ink pens, Blackwing pencils, brush pens, watercolor, pastel, marker, and even crayons! I am also starting to work with cutting out different papers and patterns to make the visuals even more interesting and impactful - not quite 3D, but more along the lines of 2.5D (is that even a thing?).

Most of my work is done on a surface of approximately 9" x 9" and I use any and all types of paper and surfaces for my work. My project schedule does call for some larger pieces in September/October, and those will be for sale with prices TBD.

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I am using some really solid markers right now, but they are running out of ink! So, like a car running on fumes, I'd like to get some refill inks before I am reduced to using a stick with smashed blackberries to create art! Great. Now I'm hungry.
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