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Ever wondered what it'd be like to walk through the line of fire on D Day and stare the German in the face? Then look back at your sheer masses of your comrades being mown down in the arch of fire?! Ever wondered what Left 4 Dead would be like with Walking Dead characters?! See Daryll going head to head with a swarm who's breaking through the windows and doors whilst Negan is holding a shotgun blasting zombie guts into the walls?!

So many possibilities, check out my page RKHDirector on Twitch, and become a subscriber for future content such as film reviews, TV reviews, Netflix specific reviews and updates from my feature horror film Past Dark. Remember to follow on twitch for Story videos! 

P.S Remember to follow on Twitch, you don't want to miss an episode with Story video's as you'll loose out on half the plot! Most of the time we post 2 updates, one warning that there will be a streaming that day and one to let you know there is a live stream starting. 

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Always open to suggestions, if you want to see something new just let me know. 
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