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As a political commentator in my own right, I have recently written a book, which is pre-publication.

The first part of the book is inspired by my work on this project, Watching America, through which I have gained many insights into what the media do and don't do, about how the media present information, and the nature of their "distortion" of that information.

For your donation to this important endeavor, I will be glad to send you a soft copy of this part of my book. It's 20,000 words or so, and if you think Watching America is important enough to warrant such a significant contribution, then, whether you agree with my analysis or not, you will definitely appreciate it.




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Ten years ago, I had an idea for a project called "Watching America" - to enable Americans to see the impact they are having on the rest of the world, and how they are perceived in the countries that they and their government most affect.

Much of American politics affects non-Americans more than it affects Americans...

If you really want to understand the impact the US is having around the world, you need to hear from those affected by American decisions - not from American news media who put a home-nation gloss on everything.

Accordingly, Watching America uniquely translates foreign mainstream media content from around the world to do just this.

I have attracted 300 - yes 300! - translators (90%) and editors (10%) to translate online commentary from almost every country in the world...  Most of the content is unavailable anywhere else in the world in ENGLISH, and it has a unique power to make a difference to how we think and how we treat others. 
I have hard costs to make this happen. Help me keep it going!

$0 of $200 per month
Amazing volunteers give dozens of hours of their time every year to provide the unique content that Watching America offers all Americans for free... but I have some hard costs to keep the project going.

Things like hosting and keeping our software current and secure takes some hard cash.

To add real value to American politics and life, we need to keep our content free and not spend time seeking advertising (or cluttering our page with it).

Two hundred dollars monthly is the bare minimum that keeps us online.

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