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"A shoutout on twitter, Instagram and facebook ...access to our facebook group"

By joining us on the 'Just because" tier we will give you a shout out and follow on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.  

Why would we do this? We want to say thank you for your support, for making the effort to share your cash in recognition of the work done to spread great HR knowledge and keep people and organisations making the best decisions.  You get a shoutout and maybe some new followers.  

You also get access to our Facebook group, join in the HR / Business conversation.  

A nice, simple affordable package that doesn't break the bank and gets you at least one additional follower (us), with timely access to a community of HR support.  

The early bird
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"Everything in previous tier, early bird release of videos, opportunity to 'Ask Me Anything' once a month that will be responded to on a video post"

Have a question, that's less urgent than most, this is your place to get it answered.  Each month you can send over your question and it will be addressed on our next Ask Me Anything video.  You will also get early access to the latest video posts before they are released on any other media channel.  Get ahead of the competition, make the right decisions and stay up to date before some others.  

Still a really good price, for a little bit of digital human contact, helping you stay abreast of UK HR concerns and developments.  By not being aware you could make errors that end up costing you in the long run.  A risk that can be avoided with the early bird.  

You also get everything in the previous tier

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"Everything in previous tiers plus either one video/podcast sponsorship per month or one product/ad placement for one month"

Let's cheer each other on.  In recognition of you supporting our efforts, we will place one 15 second advert (that you provide, must be age appropriate) or product placement / promotion per month within our video / podcast.  

Alternatively you can sponsor one of our videos / podcasts, we will let everyone know that you have kindly sponsored that episode.  

You also get everything in previous tiers.  




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I provide UK Human Resources support, hints, tips and general musings to people and organisations, sprinkling value where I go.  

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