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is creating videos documenting the Real Life of Full Time RV Living
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About Road Warrior

We have always wanted to live life on the open road, and it has always seemed like the timing was never right. Since there's never going to be just the right time to live out our dream, we have decided to risk it all, sell and donate nearly everything, uproot and move from 2 homes into one trailer.

Sean has always been an entrepreneur and although his company is a startup and not making a profit right now, we are taking his company Paddleboarder on the road to grow the brand and sales. Caro is a photographer and model and plans on picking up jobs wherever we are.  

We love creating videos that show our real life in hopes to inspire others. We put in 30-40 hours a week into video production and it's a real struggle with trying to work our regular jobs and pay the bills. Right now we create all videos with using our phones and a beat up old GoPro.

We create 3+ episodes a week and your support will help us pay for additional expenses like internet, camera equipment, and things to make life on the road a lil more enjoyable, and most importantly your support will allow us to focus on the videos a lil more!

With your love and support we are eager to continue documenting our journey which is full of struggle, adventure, love, and happiness.

What Is Patreon?
Patreon created this video which does a great job explaining what Patreon is.

What we like about Patreon
It provides an opportunity for us to set goals together and provide rewards to those that want to help us achieve goals and live our dreams.

It's good to note: Pledges are per Episode
- You can set your max monthly amount in case we go on a video upload spree
- We try very hard to release 4 videos & posts per month (one per week)
- You are the bomb diggity for taking the time to support what we do (or even consider it)

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Our first goal is to be able to focus more on our video production. Both Caro and I work a lot at our regular jobs, and we are super excited to be able to create more videos, social media and blog posts. With your support we can cut down on a few hours at our regular jobs and put the time into creating! We are currently 2 months behind on videos and with your help we can get caught up!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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