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The bulk of the Roman legion was made up of the legionary soldiers, the legionarius. The strength of the legion came from many legionarii working together as a cohesive unit, each playing their part, no matter how large or small, contributing to the success of the whole. Every contribution is appreciated and valued, and even a dollar helps. Members of this tier will receive access to community updates here.
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About Roamin' The Empire

I am creating an academically-minded and informative archaeology/history/travel blog focused on Roman archaeological sites that I have visited:

I've been doing the blog for about 2 years now and it is a creative and academic outlet for me. I update twice a month and have done so consistently in these past 2 years. I spend a portion of my summers on archaeological excavations in Europe and tack on a little 'leisure' travel on the front and/or back end of those excavations that consists mostly of visiting various Roman (and sometimes other cultures) archaeological sites. In these travels over the last decade or so, I've found that the realities of visiting some of these sites becomes much more complicated once there, and doing the research beforehand didn't always adequately prepare me. A few years ago, I figured I'd take my experience visiting sites and create the kind of resource I wish I had when planning my visits.

I have created this account in hopes of off-setting some of the costs associated with the actual website (hosting and domain) without having to revert to undesirable means of generating a little revenue to pay for those things. In the event that I eclipse those costs, additional funds would prove helpful with promotion of the blog and research materials (relevant books, mainly). Additional materials for the photographic portion of the site would also be helpful (I burn through memory cards and cleaning equipment pretty quickly). Basically, any money that comes in through this will be reinvested in the site and content production. The primary content of the blog will always be free for everyone, but, supporters will be given access to additional levels of interactivity with me and the opportunity to influence future content.

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