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is creating photography focused on faith, hope, and community.
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About Rob Amend

Hey! It’s me, Rob!

I would like to thank you for taking a moment to look at my Patreon page. A Patreon page is a modern twist on the old patronage system of the arts. This allows people to directly support a creator and to free the creator to produce more, um, creations. By supporting me on a per creation basis, you help me to secure time and equipment to create faith-focused photo projects.

In return for that support, I will offer rewards based on your contribution level. You can see a list of them to the right. They range from a heartfelt thanks and access to my feed to signed photo books!

In addition to that, and most importantly to me, we will be creating a community. In this private community, we will be able to discuss the values of art and faith and how we can apply them to our lives. You will also be able to suggest subjects, be the first to see my projects as they develop, see behind the scenes videos and interviews, and be a part of the thought processes behind each project.

I understand that contributing to something like this is not for everybody and that’s okay. I really appreciate your interest in and support of my photography in the other contexts that brought you to this page--thank you so much! The final results of my work will still be available to you on my Facebook pagemy web pageFlickrTwitter, and Instagram.

For those of you interested in joining me on this journey, please click on the ‘Become a Patron’ button above. I look forward to many positive and faith inspiring discussions.

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Once the $132 level is reached, I will be able to upgrade to a better camera and portrait lens package. This will allow me to cut down some of the processing time, as well as to streamline the photo taking process. It will also enable me to make video a larger part of my projects.
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