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About Robert Clemmons jr.

I am a creator. I like to create Comics.

Who Are You?

I'm Robert Clemmons Jr. I've been a games maker for over 20 years now with at least 21 or so odd titles. You probably haven't seen them unless you follow Ludum Dare. I've made flash games and downloadable games. I've also made several small comics here and there and around the internet in various places.

Cool. What are you doing NOW?

I love making games. I love making comics. Unfortunately, it seems I haven't been that too successful at either. But I HAVE been successful at completing comics!

Again, I love making both, but I've completed more comics than I have games. So that should tell me something.

What it means is I'm going to start making a lot of comics.

However, I need YOUR help to do it!

What kind of comics? Well. I like lots of different things. I also have lots of different universes that I want to play in. The front runner being of course, Bear and Snail.

Bear and Snail is a quiet, animal people punching demons and then they have a picnic afterwards comic.

I like slice of life comics. I like action adventure. I like mystery and romance and cooking. I like catching up with old friends and having a good time.

Bear and Snail encompasses all of that.

Having this under my name instead of Bear and Snail or anything else let's me tell stories other than Bear and Snail. I like the weird and quiet side of things more than the boisterous and shiny side of things.

It allows me to tell a wide variety of stories. From an auto-bio about scaring deer to odd fan comics and other talking animals in a quiet apocalypse setting.

So yeah, lots of stories. I haven't stopped making games, I'll still do that. But right now I think it's time to cast the net to the other side and see what I can't catch.

Want to help me make comics?

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How Patreon Works

Patreon is a platform that allows you to support me so I can continue making comics for you to enjoy! You pledge the amount what you think my comics are worth to you each month. You can cancel your pledge at any time. If you pledge, I receive funds to keep working and you get sweet sweet comics to enjoy.  I'm still figuring out a schedule but right now I am shooting for quarterly updates. Maybe with enough support I can do comics full time with your help! Who knows?

Let's see what we can do together!

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