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is creating courses & videos to preserve the Sicilian language and culture
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About Robert Garofalo

Hi everyone! I’m Robby and thank you for stopping by!
Everyday I’m working on the Learn Sicilian hub which aims to teach the language and culture of Sicily.   

The Learn Sicilian online beta app has just been released, which is a great starting point to preservation and also for users to learn.

I've made some short teaser videos about certain topics on Sicily. Here's an example:
And we're very active on our Facebook page where we provide content for our users there and we make a lot of quizzes such as these:

As you're reading this, I truly have to say, I honestly appreciate the fact that you’re here on my page.. It just shows that you have a passion or interest in preserving the language and culture of Sicily and what it has to offer the world.

So thank you so much!! You guys are the best!

I also want to thank everyone else who has supported me this far with Learn Sicilian and everything I do. Without you all, none of this would be possible. Much love.

My grandparents, like millions of other Sicilians, left Sicily during bad times in search for a better life for their families. Unfortunately, years later, majority of the offspring of these Sicilians have not carried on the Sicilian language and traditions to the future generations and so it’s dissapearing.

I am one of those who was not exposed to the Sicilian language growing up. My parents chose to speak English as it was easier to communicate, being in an English speaking country. At the age of 16, I chose to explore my cultural identity by participating in a cultural exchange program where I lived in Italy for over 6 months. As I learnt Italian in Rome, I travelled to Sicily to meet my relatives for the first time, only to realise they speak quite frequently in Sicilian. Since then,

I’ve dealt with the frustrations of trying to understand them as the languages are different and the fact that there are minimal resources out there to learn Sicilian. I was certain, other people were experiencing these frustrations like my own.

So I decided to find a way to create learning resources.

Hence, Learn Sicilian was born.

Supporting Learn Sicilian on Patreon will firstly enable me to improve those courses that teach Sicilian. I really want to create courses that are fun so I have ideas of arcade style games that will be more engaging. I want the users to feel like they’re just playing games and enjoying themselves while learning as oppose to the traditional textbook way of studying.

I’d also be able to provide fascinating information relating to Sicilian history, travel, cuisine, music and more, which I’ll do this in a number of ways such as professional video documentaries, articles, cooking demonstrations, webinars, podcasts and more.

Please consider supporting a dollar (or more!) for every piece of content I’ll release. One piece could include content such as a new course on the language app or a new video documentary on Sicilian history or a recipe and cooking video/demonstration. 

I’ll be averaging 2 pieces of content per month. The great thing about Patreon is it’s flexible. If you decide you only want to pay for one piece of content per month, you have the option to put a cap on your payments if you wish.

Learn Sicilian requires an enormous amount of time, effort and resources put into researching, corresponding and creating courses and videos with Sicilian linguists, programmers, photo/video editing, travel, equipment and more.

Your support not only will help me create more Sicilian content for YOU, but you’ll be contributing to the preservation of the language!
Thank you so much

By supporting me, not only will you be able to access all the stuff I create for free, but you'll also receive some cool rewards based on the amount you wish to donate.

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6 of 200 patrons
We'll be off to a good start with 200 Patrons! I'll be able to add a new feature in the app where our language teacher in Sicily can display information through text, audio or video. We'll be able to explain grammar rules, break down conjugation of verbs, play Sicilian audio conversations, videos etc.
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