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Thanks for landing on this page! If you don't know what Patreon is about: its a way for you to help me out getting better at analog photography and buy more rolls of film and photographic paper by sending money my way.

If you enjoy my work and want to see it become better, consider helping out with a few dollars a month. The more support I have from you guys the more time I can spend creating black and white stuff.

In return I will be giving exclusive behind the scenes videos, books, prints, consulting, mentions, and other things that I might find you guys might enjoy.

So please consider helping me out, it will help all of you in the long run!

About me

I was interested in photography for as long as I can remember. Back when I was a child I played with the cameras of my parents, also video recorders! But as I grew up life got in the way and I gave up photography for school stuff and later learning a job. So since 2 years I am a professional bicycle mechanic.

So, a year ago I found out (through YouTube) that analog photography isn't that hard to do at home! I mean black and white developing and enlarging. Colour is a way different thing (maybe we meet someday)! I had an old Praktica LTL 3 with a 50mm lens from a friend and just bought a few rolls of black and white film with some chemicals and a developing tank. After this I built a small darkroom lab in my tiny bathroom (no windows in there, perfect) with a Durst M605 enlarger and all the other stuff you'll need to enlarge, which I bought used on eBay.

Since then, it grabbed me so hard when I saw that photographic paper can transform from white to black in just a few seconds. Now Im reading and practicing a lot about analog photography. I moved to a cheap studio nearby where Im living and downgraded my job at the bicycle store to a part-time contract. So, less money, okay... But wayyy more time for the good stuff!

Now in mid 2018 I bought a better camera (Nikon FM3a with 50mm AI-S lens and a 35mm Series-E lens) and a new scanner and that stuff and Im ready to take things to another level.

So long story short, Im excited to present you my new works and get comments on them, prepare them for delivery and hopefully find a nice little gallery that would like to show my work.

Im here to continue to grow in all possible ways and always willing to help, but on this page its where you guys can help me. And for that Im trully grateful.
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