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General news feed and videos, plus a lot of love and support from me. Basic feedback on anything you are working on, plus some suggestions and ideas from me to help direct your work.

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I will help fix your issues both art or code, contact me and ask me how to fix anything you are working on. I can give you the answer. I have a good terminology knowledge and good and fixing problems.

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I will help you with Art, Animation and Shaders. Feedback, draw-overs, Tricks and Techniques, quick personalised videos. Reference pointers, approaches, using materials, workflows, all the kind of help you need to get rid of those blockers!




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About Robert Ramsay


I am Robert Ramsay, a Game Art Production Freelancer for Indie and Commercial Game Development. I teach Game Art at London Southbank University one day a week and I also work from home as a freelancer and asset maker for various Marketplaces online.

I want to share my skills with you as in the past I struggled to find the help needed to advance me forward. Well, I have those answers ready for you now and will remove those road blocks you might encounter.

Select an appropriate tier of your choice, for each tier you will receive the most value for money in terms of time, files and content. I will deliver and teach you what I can in that given time.

Hopefully you will get a taste for what is to come from watching my Youtube videos and subscribing to my channel:
Robert Ramsay - You Tube Channel

With some Pledges you will get access to some of my Asset Store goodies.
Unity :
Gamemaker :
3D Models:

I hope you join my Patreon!
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When I reach 10 Patreons I will start making a game and bring each step of the way to you. 

Depending on your teir you will have access to the following:
Basic : Edited Videos of progress
Debug : Extra videos (new tricks)
Art Me : Assets downloadable
Draw : Builds and Source Code+Assets
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