Robert Robinson

is creating and recording dance styles he encounters during his travels

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Thank you for coming to visit my Patreon page! My current project is all about bringing different kinds of dance styles in to the public view, and I am currently travelling the world filming short clips of all the many dances I find! I had only been posting updates on my Instagram account, however, after being approached a number of times about how one might support my journey, I was pointed in the direction of Patreon. This site is dedicated to the grassroots funding of artistic projects like mine, and those who would like to support what I am doing can choose to do so here. Just like Netflix, Patreon is a recurring payment system, but instead of renting movies or tv, every dollar you pledge goes directly to the arts -- and in this case, directly into opening the eyes of dancers and dance lovers with dances they may have never seen before! 

Unlike many of the patreon pages, there is no minimum to be able to see my posts about the dances I have seen; this project is about exposing people to many forms of dance, not keeping it from you.
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  • When I reach 10 Patreons of any amount I will release a full unedited video of a dance style recorded on my journey of my choice. 
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