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About Robert D. Hallam

I have always loved painting, and I take great pride in every of my own painting. But I’m yet to go pro, and there’s a limit to what I can do on my meager wages. So now here I am on Patreon, showcasing my work AND trying to make a better living. So by becoming my Patron, what do you get?
- Enjoy new oil paintings by me every month and so (could be faster if I once I make enough living)
- Learn some useful oil painting tips and tricks (if you are also into oil paintings like me)
- Request your own painting of anything you want (be it yourself or your loved ones, or anything)
- So much more.
Sounds interesting? Then hop in!
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Here you will see my collection of oil paintings! 
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Here you will be able to read my posts regarding some oil painting guides, tips and tricks!
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Here you will be able to request me to paint you something! And as a bonus, you’ll also gain access to the two above!

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