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is creating travel writing and a magazine written by disabled travelers
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About Robin Heater

Want to truly help the disabled community?  By supporting this Patreon, you are not only helping fund my travels and my writing, but helping an upcoming magazine support others with disabilities by giving them the chance to travel and to earn money as well.  Read on for more.

I've been traveling for five years now through North America and Europe, and I started travel writing as a hobby about three years ago.  I want to share my work with others and turn my writing into a career.  I have bipolar and Aspergers, and eventually want to start publication of a travel magazine, Sojournability, that features writing by others in the disabled community.

Here's why supporting this Patreon is a great idea.  As a travel writer, I can attest that you must meet one of three of the following criteria to create the means to make travel writing a career:

- relative financial privilege and lots of free time,

- a steady, fixed-location job that you are easily able to quit once you have the funds to switch to being a travel writer,

- or being hired as a travel writer because of previous non-travel writing.

The third option is where supporting the Patreon really helps the disabled community.  Because many people who are disabled do not have any level of financial privilege, and their free time is spent job hunting because people often don't want to hire them, the first and second criteria can be extremely difficult to meet.  This magazine will make the third option accessible.

Become a supporter today, and help make Sojournability a reality!

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