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  • Updates, posts, progress photos, and little personal things on how I'm doing. Thank you for helping support what I love to do! What you'll get is a hand-written thank you note with a little drawing that goes with! It's to show my gratitude for your continued support.
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  • A little how to video on how I made a thing. I'll show step by step and state what kind of materials and methods I used.
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  • This is specifically once I hit my $1600/month goal. I hit that and I can start doing shoots and sending out signed prints.




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About Robin Hood Cosplay

Hi everyone!
I figure it's time I made one of these.
I've been a cosplayer since I was about 17, and around 2012 I started making all my costumes from the ground up. It's been incredible for me (and I'm sure for y'all) to watch the journey and see all this art I create!
Thank you to everyone who's a patron and is helping me continue this passion of mine. Your pledges help me do this, help me show you how I made everything, and of course, it helps me be able to afford all my materials!
For now, I just have the 1$ level patron live. Once I have videos going, I'll update accordingly!
I'm not gonna lie, your support helps me pay my bills, eat, and continue to do what I love. In turn, I can help YOU learn how to build stuff from the ground up, as well as get to a point where I can start sending out personalized hand made/hand drawn stuff!
$2 of $100 per month
For now, it's a base goal. It'll help me pay for materials, as well as help me make some ends meet that my normal jobs (yes, I sadly work two jobs.) will not cover.
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