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About RobinHoodGrowth

Hi, I'm RobinHoodGrowth, I began trading/investing a little over 7 years ago. I bought my first share of stock in Mr. Buffett's, Berkshire Hathaway (Ticker:BRK.B). A sound strategy, even my older self would agree. That was all the way back in high school, and after high school comes college, and college got a little crazy for me. I started experimenting with this strategy called "short selling," something many consider to be "crazy business". Basically, in short selling, you make money when stocks go down. The catch is; stocks can't drop under $0 and they can pretty much go on forever... or until all the money in the world runs out. A lot of people don't like the thought of being able to lose all their money from one position that tries to go to infinity. Call me a daredevil but it doesn't bother me all that much. I also really enjoy the process of finding my next $0. For me, it kinda feels like detective work as it takes time to find the next $0 on the list of over 3,000 companies. I've been dedicated to doing this for around 5 years and something I want to pursue further.

Becoming a "Patreon" will help me pursue the career of being a fulltime investor. Now my strategy may not make you money, but in my line of dirty work, I sometimes find diamonds in the rough. One of these diamonds was Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc (ticker: TNDM), which I bought at $3/share and ended up going all the way up to $70/share( link to my brief analysis, sorry it's for exclusive subscribers only). Hopefully, there will be more of these types of companies to which I find in the coming years. In the case, I do find a diamond in the rough I will share my analysis's with to my loyal "Patreons" who helped me on my journey. Thank you to all my followers, not only for your loyal support but also your encouragement! 

Thank you,
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If this goal is reached I will create and transparent portfolio to which I will share will all my patrons!
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