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My name is Callum John Hunt.
I am a paranormal investigator and a photographer.
I require the support of the internet to further my investigations on an objective level.
Specifically speaking, i would require adequate video camera gear to, in the best case scenario, record at high iso in 60fps to obtain ufo evidences.

I have attempted to obtain evidence of ufo phenomenon with both a dslr and a potato phone
The results from digital stills from the dslr were unsatisfactory as a photo phone cannot provide video footage and the potato phone fails to record any starlight let alone any light a ufo would emit under the circumstances provided.

Also, I accidently broke my potato phone whilst ''playing catch'' with it so, go figure. Any contributions are welcome but i am striving to do this with the right gear and am considering the Nikon D3300 as a viable option for the task. Anything higher and we're talking astrophotography/videography which is always a nice idea as an option but the D3300 should suffice.

Anyway that's my story. Some additional anecdotes here
-I have 8 years of UFO personal contact/communication under the belt
-I have developed a way to communicate and ''summon'' them to my location.
-A lot of strange things have happened over the years
-I've stood face to face to an entity that i could not see yet sounded like a, somewhat large, dragon.
-The next day i went to the same location and saw a ''hou-oo'' (chinese phoenix).

With sufficient gear, i should be able to provide the internet, and 4chan, ample evidence of the paranormal. In doing so, i will also be required to negotiate a sort of diplomacy and agreement between our species as to not strike a national witchhunt so the footage will be carefully handled when obtained. I assume things will get complicated when i manage to obtain high quality objective evidence of otherwordly species. I am planning to be prepared for this.
All i need is a bit of money for this goal.

Oh, I guess patreons will have ''early access'' to ufo evidence or something. 
(assuming i figure a way to safely handle the evidence, and can form a trust between patreons etc.)
I have a discord. Patreons of any donation will get an invite and a specific role.
There's a lot more i have planned for this. (a bigger narrative)
Will buy a webcam soon and do some video logs or something so you can get a general gist of what i'm talking about.
$0 of $50 per month
$550 will get me a video camera with decent enough ISO to record UFO and most starlight phenomenon. 
Cameras without decent ISO are usually inadequate for recording faint distant lights at night. We also want good quality evidence, no shaky pixel footage.
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