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I play guitar and I sing. In almost any style you might imagine at one point or another. I have been doing this professionally since 1995. I received my film degree from Cal State Long Beach in 2015.
I use the skills I have learned in music and video to create my own recordings and accompanying music videos and to collaborate with other talented individuals to create compelling, soulful, from the heart music and to create visually stimulating video content with it.

In 1998 I did a pretty cool thing… I recorded some music with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox who were the rhythm section for Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock and his preferred band at the time of his death. It is been 20 years since this awesome event happened and I have still not finished the music so as part of this new patreon thing I am going to go on a journey to finish these songs. As well as playing professionally in several different freelance music situations. I have always had enough skill in sound engineering for the purposes of writing music and laying down ideas. Recently I have realized that waiting to have enough money to buy studio time and pay a sound engineer is just not acceptable to me. So in the spirt of using my talent to create great content artistically and commercially I’ve just decided to get better at engineering my own music and putting it out there from my own computer in whatever format or sound it comes out as. Whenever I record music in my own creative space with my own equipment I always listen to the resulting product in my car, on my sound system, and on headphones and compare it with the recordings I’ve always loved from my favorite artists. Lately I think the quality of my recordings has gotten a lot better and pretty close to a professional level as far as the sound of the recording the mix and the resulting products. It’s a pretty cool thing.

When my friend told me about Patreon I realized I had to make some video content on a consistent basis to share this journey of music I am on. So I’ve decided to start integrating some live feed Videos of my process with all the music things that I do. I am not usually one to get on Facebook and make videos of myself commenting on my process because it is sort of special to me and I love watching myself do this stuff and create the music I know I’m capable of. It is not something I want to share unless somebody wants to hear it or see it... So this Patreon model seems to make that possible at a financial benefit to me as well as some entertaining content for the patrons.

I look forward to sharing this journey with anyone who wants to see it. 🤘🎶🎸

Also my musician friend Phil said I should join this page. So I am.

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