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I'm Rob Walker and I make videos, write jokes, scripts and screenplays.
You may have seen some of my work on Articulate with Jim Cotter or on Red 5's Geek Video series.

I am also the creator of Victorian Cut-out Theatre, an animated sketch comedy show which features stories about killer robots, deranged millionaires and vampires (among other things) through the use of animated Victorian illustrations. It is a blend of modern humor with late 1800s puppet style. I have also produced a video blog series called Walker's Talkers.

These days my work now includes scripting and joke writing.

As you can imagine, video production and animation (even the simplest kind) is labor intensive. From conception (idea, writing) to completion (finding/customizing models, creating backgrounds, recording vocals and animating) can take me up to a week on average to make a single episode (3:00 min run time). The weekly video blogs, movie reviews and short films also take time, although less energy is spent in getting the performers to move. 

I have a blast creating this kind of work, and I'd like to do more.

I want to make better quality content with a schedule that is more frequent. To make this happen, I need your help. By offering your support as a patron, you'll be allowing me to make more videos, more frequently. This includes more animations, more video blogs and *GASP* a return to live action short films!

I have several rewards lined up for patrons including "Certificates of Arts Patronage", "Decoder Disks" and for the top patrons a special Google Hangout where I will read you an original "scary" story from a blanket fort (neat, huh)

For someone who makes content on a weekly/monthly basis, Kickstarter won't work, which is why Patreon is perfect for someone like me. Becoming an arts patron is an opportunity for YOU FOLKS to have a direct impact on my videos. By becoming a patron of the arts and giving monthly support, you can help me ensure steadier release schedules, MORE ANIMATION, as well as other fun projects. Your help will also be used to UPKEEP AND REPLACE THE EQUIPMENT/SOFTWARE I use, ensuring the final products continue to rise in quality. I want to provide you guys with more of the entertaining animations and videos you've seen me do in the past, and Patreon is your chance to make that happen. 

Thank you for your help,


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Friendly Acquaintance: You can be happy and secure in the knowledge that you have helped contribute to the art of humor and imagination. 
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Armchair Detective: All of the Rewards above PLUS: A "Special Decoder Disc" emailed to you, with which you can then use to write and decode secret messages.

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$500.00 a month will help me to keep up with the costs of producing videos on a regular basis. Replacing/maintaining equipment and providing cleaner and more updated videos and animations.
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