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Hey gamers, do you like funny video game videos? Do you like to laugh and make fart jokes about them? 

I'm is a video game dude guy who likes to laugh and not take this sort of thing seriously. Video games are fun and deserve to be laughed at and enjoyed. I used to do parody game reviews back in my college days but now I'm way too busy working a boring full time job to do that sorta stuff any more. That's where you come in.

Who are you?
rockcock64 is a hardcore gaming funny boy. He is the coolest guy in the whole world and has like a million girlfriends all at the same time. He likes to make fun of everything, but needs to work on his social skills. His favorite fast food restaurant is Taco Bell but for some reason wants everybody to buy him McChickens. You can follow his opinions on burgers at @rockcock64 on Twitter.

Why a Patreon?
YouTube is a big pile of honk and doesn’t give me any real money for videos. In order for people who enjoy my work to support what I do, I wanted to give them the option of donating since right now YouTube is the only one benefiting. I would like to be able to continue putting out content regularly but I work a full time job. I wanna hang out and make funny video game videos all day but there just isn't enough time!!!

What’s in it for me?
If I get enough donations then maybe I can quit my loser job and make videos full time for you guys, also maybe the dinosaurs will come back to life and reign supreme on earth once more. Both are just as likely. No but really I have donation rewards check them out over there somewhere 

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