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Secret Keeper
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Can you keep a secret? Good, because with this tier you will have a special role on "The Fan Discord Server" with this role you can put your minecraft gamer-tag in the designated chat and I will use your skin as a background Character, and on a rare occasion, a main character, note i will have to make a few changes to your skin so it fits the style but you will get credit.

Includes Discord rewards
You Let The Secret Out
per month

 You let the secret out?! Wonderful, now with this tier you will have the same benefits as the previous tier, but you will be able to Chat with the Actors, and play a few (unrecorded) games with us! 

Includes Discord rewards
Super Supporter
per month

In this tier you will have all of the benefits as the previous ones, BUT, you will be able to go on a tour of our sets (note you will have to have a decent computer and if you join you will be in game-mode 2 {for safety reasons}) we could play a few special minigames (aphmau style) and it will be recorded for a video!!!

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About Rocketboy36

Heyo! im Rocketboy, me and my friends aim to create minecraft roleplays with similar quality of the youtuber Aphmau. We thank each donation we get because it helps us fund the minecraft server, and dont worry, each tier gives you many fun options, we hope to see you in our discord server, see you soon! 

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