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SPECIAL DEAL FOR FIRST 10 PATREONS!!  For the tiny price of $2 per month, you get a free 10-day advance copy of Rocklore, plus its amazing, mind-blowing backstory ("Imagine - the Legend of Conroy Hendrix III)" in monthly installments.  Plus, (if you want it) a personalised birthday email from your favourite member of the band (you decide!). Better than a burst ear-drum.




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About Rocklore Dave

Hello, it's me!

The plan is to write the story (fiction) of the greatest, comedy rock and roll band... ever, one monthly blog post at a time (with the odd novella and story spin-off thrown in).  

First post is due to deliver at the end of January 2017 (ten days earlier for Patreons) and if the band stay together (!!), will continue for the next 8 years (i.e. until 31 December 2024).  Seriously.

All funds will go to the payment of alcohol, drugs, groupies, guitars, biker jackets, greedy managers, record company bosses, yes man, ex-wives, high-class hookers and girlfriends.  And rehab.  Just kidding.

CEO, It's a funny ol' rock n' roll world, Inc

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From tiny acorns... if I reach ten dollars a month, it will pay for my Spotify account and a few smokes... (hardly rock and roll, but hey...let's call it motivation money!!).  Hugely appreciated bro.
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