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About Fyl and Krystal Frazee

Self proclaimed Pharaoh of Lower Egypt and Shogun of Harlem Fyl Frazee is a writer and film maker who is always working on something. Having created hundreds of videos as well as a feature length film, Fyl has switched gears to writing more recently. “I can do anything in a novel without having to worry about a budget,” is his current line of thinking. He is a father of two, a husband to one, and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Krystal Frazee has been an artist since her grandmother taught her to put brush to canvas at a very young age. More recently she spent her time doing commissions for Magic: The Gathering players and illustrating children’s books about a little princess who likes to get into trouble. She is stretching her wings trying to establish a career in art in order to shed the tedious day to day life of the dreaded day job. She is a mother to two and a wife to one and she enjoys Sherlock Holmes perhaps a little too much.

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