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About Rogue Snr Advisor

Oh, hello.

I'm Rogue Snr Advisor. You might know me from Twitter, where I've shone a light on the Trump administration, the GOP and other bad actors while being (hopefully) cutting and funny. I started speaking out after our country fell into disarray -- when the idiots took control and it was apparent that the levers of power were no longer going to function in quite the same way. What I've offered has been a voice of reason, of rationale and the ability to quickly reply-tweet meat jokes at the President. It's been a long two years, though, and there are only so many Arby's jokes I can write before I have to start charging them a consulting fee. Twitter is a great platform and it provided me a voice, but I have come to find a joy and a talent and an audience in, longer form, written content that exists beyond Twitter, mostly focused on Trump and the endless cacophony of politicians and news media. You can see one of my pieces here:

What I'm proposing

An extended forum for longer form, entertaining essays and insight, some serious, some satirical, and the chance to spend more time making them -- for you. What Twitter has given me above all else is a connection with a ton of like minded people. So thank you for that.

Initially I'll be writing bi-weekly pieces - one exclusive that only you'll get access to, and another you'll get to read before anyone else. Beyond that there will be additional content like podcasts, videos and more.

Why should you sign up for this?

Because you're news obsessed, smart and would like to see us make it out of this turd cave we've found ourselves in. Reading a ten second Axios piece about some lunch meeting Trump had with his butler-cum-cabinet member doesn't always cut it - sometimes you need something bigger, something bolder - something like this:

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When I hit 500 patrons, I'll do a special edition podcast with a guest that you'll get to vote on.
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