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About Rogzilla

Greetings! I am Roger "Rogzilla" Brunke and I am a freelance character designer, illustrator and artist.  You might know me through my work on the Ameritocracy card game or for Rooster Teeth.  

Vigil follows the adventures of Celeste Brody, the daughter of a valkyrie and David Michaels, a human granted angelic powers, as they team up to fight monsters, demons and primordial eldritch horrors.  Along with them are Dr. Jasmine Renée, their biology teacher and local wizardess, Lich Queen Gael, a ditzy fairie princess who feel backwards into the necromancy, and Simon MacIntosh, another human with angelic powers and David's mentor.

Volume One is currently under production now. It tells about how David and Celeste first meet, discover their powers and become best friends.   

What do I get if I sign up?

First of all, my deepest thanks! But you can get access to the Patreon feed, where you can view sketches and concept art for upcoming characters.  You can also view finished pages first, before they go up on Tapas.  Depending on how much you back, you can get additional bonuses, such has high res copies of pages, ebooks, the chance to get a cameo in the comic and other great bonuses.  As time goes on and I get more support, I'll continue to add other bonus as well.

Will Patreon be the only way to get ebooks or physical copies?

Nope.  You will be able to buy those separately.  But Patron's will get them early and, in the case of physical copies, signed.

What do you hope to get out of this?

Right now, this comic is a side job.  I have a day job to pay my bills and do commissions and some freelance art as well.  But I would love to get to the point that I can support myself and my family with just this comic.  I know that will take a while but I hope this page helps.

Than you guys for checking out my page!  And please, enjoy Vigil!


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