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is creating RPG guides, Role-playing rules, tables, stories and ideas

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Your search has uncovered a secret door. What role-playing treasures might lie beyond?

I was 12 when I killed my first undead skeleton at Bone-Hill. The experience was both thrilling and terrifying as up until that moment, the closest my fantasies had come to being unleashed were pretending the occasional bird was an Imperial Tie-fighter looking for my rebel base or that the asteroids on my Vic-20 computer really were threatening the Earth.

I wasn't in my kitchen anymore. I was a weary half-elf mage armed with a dagger, a wooden stave and a bit of a lisp, exploring fantastic lands and facing perilous mysteries. I was suddenly a part of something, bigger than school, than homework and the boring geography of our little blue planet. I was a Dungeoneer, an adventurer, a magic-using bad-ass girl intent on electrifying the imaginations of every one around me.

I create home-brew D&D 5E content, tables, maps and story ideas for fantasy role-playing games. I also write short fantasy stories and novels. Please take a moment to look at some of my creations and if you would like to support me in my quest, consider becoming one of my Patreons.

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