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About Michael

I make ASMR videos that focus on role-plays, superheros, super villains and close, personal attention to YOU. 
Without your support I would not have the tools and equipment to create these videos.  THANK YOU, wonderful viewers, for making it possible.
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New Studio:
I want to create higher quality videos for you!  Your support will allow me to buy a new studio set up including:
Backdrop Support Stand with 10' Crossbar (x1)
6'x9' Muslin Green Backdrop Background Chromakey (x1)
6'x9' Muslin Black Backdrop Background (x1)
6'x9' Muslin White Backdrop Background (x1)
Photo Video Studio Light Stand (x2)
Heavy Duty Light Stand (x2)
45W Digital Full Spectrum CFL Light Bulb (x4)
E27 AC Socket Light Stand Mount Umbrella Holder (x2)
24" Softbox Reflector with Light Holder(x2)
33" Studio White Umbrella Lighting Reflector (x2)
3.75" Photography Muslin Backdrop Clamps (x3)
Backdrop Ring Holder(x5)
Large Photo-equipment Carry Bag (x1)

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