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About Roman Iniguez

 Art Center College of Design graduate and former automotive designer for General Motors. Worked in the automotive industry for about ten years. Enjoys  sketching and rendering cars. 

I am concentrating my creative story telling on Alternate universe history explorations. The first exploration I am creating awill be an alternate universe of the Mach 5, where we learn about the history of the Mifuni racing family and learn about the motivations which drove Daisuke "Pops" Mifuni to create the Mach 5. We will get an overview of the car and it's capabilities presented like never before. Then we will follow the alternative universe Mach 5 through it's racing history.
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The goal is to receive enough pledges that will allow me to pay for my Photoshop subscription, paper, pencils, pens and just be able to have access to the tools which will allow me to keep creating for you.
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