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Thank you for becoming my patronian. You'll have access to my patreon-only feeds and you can request for a MP3 or WAV format of my cover music (anything i made so far) Lets hang out on DIscord.

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Early access to my new cover before it publicly published  on YouTube! Help me choose my next cover^^. (Work in progress)

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All of the above rewards^^ This is for, if you want to support me just cause^^

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Hello and thank you for visiting my Patreon page. My name is ROMIX (ROMI) I create my original music and variety of music covers on YouTube. I do everything by myself from recording instruments, mixing, mastering, and video editing. I open this Patreon for people who wants to support what i do so anything helps. The money goes to my music content and i want to increase the quality of what i do. as for rewards on Patreon i don't know what i can provide yet but it will change in the future for better rewards. Thank you for reading this and your support!!!          

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