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My name is Ronald but my friends call me Chicho. I live in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

The last 20 year i´ve been working in a personal project. I love video and all my instinct have drive me to the art of communications, not the convencional way. I tried the music, the painting, the writing, the voice, the videoBlogs. Many ways to reach my goals. And all the time the direction of this effort has been to help others.

I know that, all we might be this kind of person, and it is not great thing. what if everybody say that and nobody does anything. We are a society that call for actions as a community but, are we able to understand that we could be louder or faster, or reach other levels of understanding our goals? Not only because son many people think this way and say: "everybody does it becomes not valuable" or says"I wanna be special about this, and doing this way it´s so dumb" and finally, because of this kind of prejuices nobody does nothing.
But there is a reason. You might be in an institucional situation and your walls are builded in front of you with blocks of prejudices. And all is more difficult to do if you don´t have budget. The money that movel all your dreams. The 90 % of people are stucks by a ideas that shut down your energies and turn off all your effort to reach that thing that you thought is the best way of doing.

For me, show the world my reality based on my structure of life, and encouraging everybody else, showing that if we do a push at the same time to move a millimeter our expectations, that might could be the change of the life of somebody else. I work as journalist, a contents producer, as youtube creator, but without the tools is kind of hard to reach this goals, and im not trying to give my expectation a lack of positiviy, i am trying to have my feet over ground and then, start walking.

How about if i have the answer that you need to complete your work: call it an investigation, or just a homework from your daughter's school. Or you need an video frame that is impossible to record because you live in the other part of the world. What if your are a journalist, a content producer, and you need a interview with some organization or a person, take a picture or just a writing report about a theme that you need. I might be the one i can help you.

But, i need to stay focus in this work and without the help of this community, i´m not saying that would be imposible, but would open door to let in many others to enter a places where, without this opportunity won´t be real.
And my work neither.
You are call to action with this great idea of Patreon.
If your are part of this call of action, even if you put one dollar into the pocket of this wonderfull idea that have created this people. Patreon´s people, well, let me tell that... you are creating a better world. This kind of ideas makes everything better, and your push to move this believe is gonna reach a persons to get a dream come true, even yours.

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