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About RonBomb

Well, I suffer from Depression. (Whoa! strong start there, Ronbomb!) I know, but it goes into why I started my channel. I have a hard time coping with things and I have realized this is common for a lot of people. My life has been hard, but not as hard as many others. So I want to make things a little lighter! I'm a professional geek and serious doofus! Lets play some games and lets try and keep it clean... Maybe pg-13. I said try.. :D Please come and join me in my adventure to create fun entertainment! Then, who needs TV?!

I am a very small channel and if you can even give $5 a month, then you are at the top tier in my book. I can't express to you how grateful I would be just to have someone donate anything.

Any contribution is extremely appreciated and, of course, if there is a need for it I will add more tiers adding more benifets. Thank you!

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