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is creating Skald's Tale and short stories
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About Christopher Rondeau

For the last several years, I have always tried to create masterpieces that causes people to be inspired and too think. Originally, I wanted to do this as a classical musician but recently I've pushed my other interests into my career field. I went back to school to get a Master's in creative writing and have started a business running private D&D games online for a multitude of customers. However, I want to go back to creating polished content that can affect a mass of people in a positive way. And that is where you come in, by joining my patreon you support me providing content to anyone willing to listen. To start, the free podcast Wyvern's Aria is an audio drama podcast that is supported by Dungeons and Dragons and has very thought provoking ideas and an action packed adventure. Supporting this podcasts supports Wyvern's Aria and will get you an array of different content that supports that podcast. When we reach a certain financial goal, we will be able to create the podcast Skald's Tale. Skald's Tale is a 20-30 minute audio drama of stories that I will write. Additionally, you will get background information on novels/fiction stories I may write and music projects that I participate in. I hope you will listen to the content I put out and consider lending your support to myself as a content creator.

Check out Wyvern's Aria here.

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Entry Level goal of simply breaking in. Here, I'll provide you a monthly bonus podcast talking about what is relevant. The latest D&D book just came out? Bonus content from recording sessions? The Wyvern's Aria will come together and just talk for a bit for your listening pleasure.
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