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About Travis Heermann

I write across all genres, most of them dark and/or speculative in nature. My Ronin Trilogy is a historical fantasy set in 13th-century Japan. Rogues of the Black Fury is a gritty, military fantasy novel. Night of the Hidden Fang is a young-adult supernatural thriller. Death Wind, which I co-authored with jim pinto, is a Lovecraftian horror-western.

All of these are monumentally kick-ass stories.

With my two Ronin Kickstarters, I successfully raised $5700-6000 each time to fund the publication of those novels. I was incredibly gratified, and the result was the completion of a series of which I’m immensely proud.

Patreon, however, is a whole new ballgame for creative projects. Unlike Kickstarter, where you pledge to support a project before it’s finished, Patreon allows you to give a little tip to the creator after something is created. You get to become a patron of the arts and a supporter of the makers you love.

For you, Patreon represents a chance to be part of something much more personal than just buying a novel when it comes out. You become a trusted patron, in that old sense of the word, part of an elite group of superfans with backstage passes to the creative process.

Becoming a Patreon supporter is a way for you to help our culture move from one that expects its creative people to entertain us for free, to one where we collectively value art and artists. The way that we support the artists, musicians, indie filmmakers, and yes, writers whom we love is to cross their palms with silver, as directly as possible.

Here's a quick video on what Patreon is.

So I’m here right now asking for your support. It will go a long way toward helping me stay focused on producing my own work and reduce some financial pressures. And trust me, I have a lot of creative irons in the fire.

Why Patreon?

The bottom line is this. I’m a writer, and like all artists I need to eat, pay rent, and occasionally buy equipment. In my case, I use a laptop with several pricey software packages to produce stories, novels, screenplays, podcasts, book designs - all the creative work I do. Occasionally those tools need to be updated or replaced.

Any creative person’s most valuable asset, however, is TIME. As this campaign grows and reaches toward its goals, I will be able to scale back other demands on my time, such as freelance projects, and devote more time to creating fiction.

What’s in it for you?

For your patronage, you’ll get to see the work before anyone else, you’ll get some of my poetry (which no one has really seen), you’ll get to take part in the activity feed, comment on what I’m doing, and in new ways get involved with my creative process.

At higher reward levels, you'll get print copies of my books and anthologies, I’ll critique your stories, and set up video hangouts where we can talk about writing, storytelling, whatever you like. At the highest levels, I’ll even Tuckerize you into a story.

You'll also have exclusive access to bits of wackiness as I conceive them, a rogue video or two, who knows? We're entering an unexplored realm. Anything could happen.

All you have to do to sign up is become a patron. Click here for a quick video on how to do it.

What is good fiction worth?

Is it worth the cost of a latte to read a great short story, to lose yourself for a time in world that’s not your own? What if the cost of one or two lattes a month could help keep me writing stories for years to come?

Please support my campaign. Thank you.

My Bibliography (as of November 2018)


Night of the Hidden Fang (as T. James Logan) – Trade Paperback and E-book – Bear Paw Publishing, 2018
Death Wind – Trade Paperback, Audio, and E-book– WordFire Press, 2016
Spirit of the Ronin – Limited Edition Hardcover, Trade Paperback, Audio, and E-book– Bear Paw Publishing, 2015
Sword of the Ronin – Limited Edition Hardcover, Trade Paperback, Audio, and E-book– Bear Paw Publishing, 2013
The Wild Boys – Trade Paperback, Audio, and E-book– Damnation Books, 2012
Rogues of the Black Fury – Trade Paperback and E-book– Open Road Integrated Media, 2012
Heart of the Ronin – Trade Paperback and E-book– Open Road Integrated Media, 2010
Heart of the Ronin – Hardcover– Gale-Cengage/Five Star, 2009
The Ivory Star – Commonwealth, 1997

Anthologies (as Editor)

Cthulhu Passant – Trade Paperback and E-book – Bear Paw Publishing, 2014

Short Fiction

“Blood Lust and Gold Dust” – Straight Outta Deadwood, Baen Books, 2019
“Masks in Dark Earth” – False Faces, RMFW, 2018
“Sammy and the Unicorn” – Bear Paw Publishing, 2018
"Where the Devil Resides" – Alembical 4, Paper Golem, 2018
"Kiss of the Sow" – Blood and Gasoline, Hex Publishers, 2018
"Swords of Light and Darkness" – BattleTech: Legacy, Catalyst Games, 2018
"Bones of Change" – Stars in the Darkness, Blackbird Press, 2017
"Three Orcs in a Boat" – Words, Hex Publishers, 2017
"Redline" – Pulse Pounders – Adrenaline, Fiction River, 2017
"Death Bunnies of Toxic Island" – Last Stand, Fiction River, December 2016
"The Ballad of Osmosis McGuire" – Superpowers, Fiction River, 2017
"Demon-touched" – Visions of the Apocalypse, Fiction River, August 2016
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"The Metal of a Man" – Electric Spec Magazine, September 2015
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"Aisa's Beast" – Legends of the Dragon, Volume 1 – Gilded Dragonfly Books, 2015
"Athena’s Children" – Perihelion SF, 2015
"The Girl with No Name" – New Myths magazine, 2015.
"The Girl with No Name" – Second Runner Up, Baen Fantasy Award, 2014
"Patterns of Threat" – Cthulhu Passant, Bear Paw Publishing, June 2014
"Shadows of the Deep" – New Myths magazine, June 2014
"Shadows of the Deep" – Protecting Project Pulp Podcast, March 2014
"Deus Ex Machina" – How to Save the World, Fiction River, June 2013
"Legs" – Bear Paw Publishing, March, 2013
"That Long Black Train" - Shivers Vol. VII, Cemetery Dance, 2013
"Snakes" - Damnation Books, June, 2011
"An Idol for Emiko" - Historical Lovecraft, Innsmouth Free Press, 2011
"The Song" - Runner-up British Fantasy Society Short Story Contest, 2010
"Punishment" - Malicious Deviance, Library of Horror Press, April 2011
"An Incident in a Small Town" - Pulp Empire, Volume III, Pulp Empire, September 2010
"The Hammer" -OG's Speculative Fiction, May, 2010
"Fragile" - On the Premises, 2008
"Zombies on a Plane" - The Harrow, 2008
"Forever Dead" - The Harrow, 2007
"Uncle Frank" - Redbridge Review, 2006

Creative Nonfiction

"A Haiku Pilgrimage"- Healing Waves, Sky Warrior Books, 2011


Where the Devil Resides – Best Horror/Fantasy Screenplay – Silver Scream Festival, 2018; Best Feature Screenplay, Finalist – Shriekfest Horror Film Festival, 2018
Death Wind (in collaboration with Jim Pinto, unproduced) - Screenwriting Contest 1st Place - Cinequest Film Festival, 2012

Stage Plays

The Nightshade Tapes (in collaboration with C.B. Davis, Katie F-S, Shayne Kennedy, Timothy Schaffert, and Scott Working) - The Witching Hour, Blue Barn Theater, June 7-July 10, 2010
36% complete
If we can hit $250 per month, I'll record myself reading a story or serializing a novel, and release it to all Patron levels via mp3 file. You can listen on your audio device or computer.
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