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About Ronni Gallegos

Hello Everyone,
My name is Veronica Gallegos, but prefer to be called Ronni. I am from Laredo, Texas and have lived here all my life. I received my BA in Psychology and worked as a counselor, caseworker and Probation Officer for 25 years, which I am now retired. I have fur-babies… 3 Chihuahuas, 2 chi mixes and 1 blue heeler. They are my babies, companions, and therapist…lol. I guess they picked up some of my traits and now they “counsel” me. lol
I may not have a husband or children but I do love my family which consists of two brothers and their families, which are a total of two nephews and 4 nieces, at the present time.

After working for 25 years in counseling, I have decided to pursue an MA in History, the concentration in American History, which happens to be my hobby, favorite subject, and pastime. During my downtime, I spend time watching the History Channel, Smithsonian Channel, the Travel Channel (which has historically based shows). You can say that I have always been a history buff but never made it a career until now, which I consider the next chapter of my life.

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