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  • Instant download of my 5 track EP "Shadow" (released in 2015)
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About RONY

Hi guys, 

Welcome to my Patreon page! Patreon allows you to become my patrons, effectively supporting my work by pledging a small amount of money for each video in exchange for rewards. 

Rewards range from free MP3 downloads of new tracks to receiving all tracks and videos we've ever made as well as receiving the stems of each music for remixes or karaoke, down to private gigs at your house. Just check out the beautiful list of rewards on this page! 


... Become a Patron for any reward and you will automatically receive my first EP. 
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  3. Download the albums by clicking here
... AND by doing so you will also help me produce new videos and music which you will be the only ones allowed to download and enjoy on whichever device or platform you like.

Depending on your reward, you'll also get to make requests for future songs, ask me questions about making music or buying instruments and everyone will have access to my Patron-only feed for exclusive behind the scenes of how we make each track and each video.
$23 of $500 per Music Video
If I reach my first goal, I will do a victory dance (for patrons ONLY). And it will be embarrassing. Oh yes.
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