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About CatZ

Hello there! 

For the first time a long time I am motivated and determined to grow my brand, stream ( and other initiatives such as The Breakdown ( While most content will be SC2 focused, I also want to start a Taco Bell series with my best friend and do all sorts of other cool stuff in the future.

I want to do The Breakdown better and more often, as well as pay the pro-players for their time (they do it for free atm) and implement other initiatives as my channels grow. Help me achieve my goals this year by becoming my Patron! and scroll down to the posts if you'd like to learn more about myself as an individual - Love and thanks, even just for being here and considering supporting me!
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The Breakdown (Seasons 2 & 3)

> 3 episodes per month
> 8-to-10 episode seasons
+ Payed guests (Players)

The Breakdown is analysis show going over a professional SC2 player's process; aided by the player themselves. With the hopes to shine a light on their experience and process. The project is sure to provide perspective as far as methodology and diversity of approach at the top of one of the most challenging games ever made; StarCraft II.

Every guest is different and I am to go with the flow, my relationship with the players may also vary creating more or less serious episodes as far as tone or liberties taken. As long I feel I can help people feel understood, comfortable, and their approach well represented outwards; mission accomplished.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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