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I'm roro I run SimplyDOTA's youtube channel, and am the creator of Dota 2 University. I've been playing Dota for a long time, and it's truly a game I'm in love with. No matter how many fights over the small things, and no matter how many times I tell her I'm leaving.. I always come back! She's complicated, and simple at the same time; serious and zany.

I had been creating educational dota 2 content for a while, when I realized that it was missing something. It was missing the final step to connecting, preventing the student from the "aha!" moment. It was a sense of structure, and professionalism, of reinforcement. That's when I decided to create Dota 2 University, an educational dota 2 experience in the shape of traditional academic structure.. and the best part is that it is free! Other professors that I have handpicked, are free to charge for their own courses (they receive 100% of the sales) but the content/courses I create are free. You receive grade reports, pass/fail marks, diplomas, badges (kind of like steam achievements) and feedback! It's literally a dota 2 school!

So now that you understand what I'm trying to do, let me explain why I've created a patreon. I'm a full time student, and everything I've created as of now has come out of my own pocket. Why? Because I love Dota 2, and as corny as it sounds doing anything dota 2 related is exhilarating and fulfilling to me. Yet, now I come to Patreon, to the masses for some semblance of support, be it in the form of a 'thank you,' email (I love those) or in the form of financial support. Whatever you are willing to offer, I will gratefully accept.
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