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Supporters on this tier get access to weekly English-language translations of Greannan An Lae, posted on a Monday. From time to time there is some bonus content associate with this comic - sketches, arc development, comics too batty or plot-irrelevant to actually get published...all here!
Go on then, lean over my shoulder.
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If it's on the drawing board, it'll end up on Patreon! With the exception of stuff for book development (see $5 pledge), pretty much all comic related stuff I make will get shared here. You'll see a much greater range of art and processes, and maybe even some fine art bits and pieces too. Essentially, this is the experience you'd get if you stood behind me and watched me work all month...except less creepy, and you get to have a bit more of a life.
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All of the previous rewards, plus:

Come in, come in, and watch long-form comics be built from the ground up! Ther are two projects in this category. Witchmark - written by Matt Ellison - and an as-yet-unnamed longform comic about chronic illness. Supporters of this tier will get access to character development, page layouts, insider story gossip and final artwork before anyone else. Months, maybe years, before anyone else. 

About Rosa Devine

Greetings! Thank you for stopping by my Patreon page and checking out my comics.

Working on teams and solo I have published a range of comics on all sorts of topics in the last 7 years, including in anthologies like Sliced and Sunday Comix. I also write a weekly webcomic - Greannan An Lae - which is a longform fantasy comic in the Irish language (English translations are made available here).

Almost all of my work is available for free online for anyone to enjoy, but supporters here will get to see a lot more process and development work (if that's your thing) and also extra comics that aren't published anywhere else. Oh my!

If money is tight, interacting with my work on the various social platforms is also hugely rewarding for me and deeply appreciated.
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Hitting this goal would allow me to prioritise my comics as paid work at least one day a month. Currently, paying work (day job and freelance commissions) always have to come first.
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