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Every month, I'll ask everyone at this tier and above to vote on a list of Shakespeare Plays for the next Bard's Bonus video. See the main page for a full description of how this works.
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Welcome to the Rosamund Project

The Rosamund Project is dedicated to promoting the study of the Great Books. Why? Well, officially, because they represent some of the greatest intellectual and artistic achievements in human history, and by carefully reading these books we can forge ourselves into better and more fully alive human persons.

Unofficially, it's for the same reason some people do meth. Once you try it, everything else seems kind of bland. (Please note: the Rosamund Project does not endorse the use of methamphetamine or other illicit substances. The Rosamund Project does however endorse the use of caffeine, blankets, and rain pounding against the window.)

The Bard's Bonus

As important as he is to the World Canon, I've decided to refrain from making videos on Shakespeare for two reasons. First, staying away from Shakespeare allows me to dedicate time to other deserving authors who would otherwise be ignored, and second, because I intend to extort this decision for personal gain.

Once a month, qualifying patrons will be asked to vote on a list of Shakespeare plays. You may vote for more than one option. The results of this poll will be saved. When the poll comes around next month, the results of that poll will be added to the results of the previous poll. This will continue until the monetary goal for the Bard's Bonus is reached, triggering a final round of voting.

Once the final poll is complete, the results will be announced, and I will produce a video on the selected play. The video will be shorter than a normal video so that I can produce it faster, but patrons will not be charged for the video. All voting results will then be reset to zero and the cycle will start again, with the difference that the selected play will henceforth be excluded from the polls.

This system allows me to reward patrons who have supported the project for longer periods of time. It also allows me predict which play will win in advance, meaning I can get a head start on research and production.
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First Bard's Bonus - I'll create a special bonus video on one of Shakespeare's plays, as voted on by my Patrons! This video will be somewhat shorter than usual, but patrons will not be charged for it.
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