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About Rose Grey

I believe everyday activities are the jumping off point for the extraordinary, and that belief is what informs my gentle romance novels about unexpected love. Because a girl can be outside hanging wet laundry on the line when a man wearing a purple cloak stumbles into the yard with a swarm of bees in hot pursuit. Because a man might walk into a library hoping to find a book about window replacement and walk away with the sinking feeling that he has met the love of his life. Because there is nothing like watching a man in the kitchen making dinner for you, his calloused hand tenderly cupping a bowl, a dish towel draped carelessly over his shoulder.

My novel, Waiting For You, won second place in the Reader's Choice Awards contemporary romance category. I've just published the sequel, All Of Me. And I'm hoping to finish the third book of the trilogy by Thanksgiving. Bringing laughter and sometimes a few tears to my readers through complex characters is what I love to do.

But I am still at the beginning of my career and for some incomprehensible reason, the electric company doesn't understand that. It's harder to concentrate on creating when you are worried about paying for basics. Your pledge will help me continue to write full-time and keep the lights on. Talk about a bonus!
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