is creating music and voice work
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you are a blåmeis, the cutest bird in the Norwegian countryside. Thank you!
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you are a kjøttmeis, the fatter brother of the blåmeis, but it also means you have twice the heart. Thank you!
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you are a gråspurv, the cheekiest bird that ever was. 

- you'll get a hand written postcard from me (from Norway!) 

- I'll include your name in the description every time I upload 




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About Roseng

Hey, welcome to my patreon page!

I'm a musician that combines traditional Norwegian songs with new, poppy vibes + some other fun stuff sprinkled into the mix. I've studied vocals for 8+ years, and I've just started doing some light voice over work which I really enjoy. I'm also getting into producing music 4 real, but the learning curve is so steep that I made this patreon account to have somewhere to post my progress. I'm really glad you stumbled over my page and I hope you'll check in later when I get something on this page.

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