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About Rosita Ruiz

Hello! I'm Rosita, a vocal and language coach here in Hollywood, CA! I started this channel for wanting to teach people about the voice whether if it's for singing or speaking so they can use their voice in the most optimum way. Also, I wanted to breakdown languages for different situations! Whether it be for business, customer service, medicine, etc...!

Why did I create a Patreon?
Although the number of content is increasing, I don’t want the quality of my videos to remain static. Now, I really want to produce better videos for you guys. My objective is to make it easier for you to learn. Unfortunately, in order to make better videos,I do need to start hiring a team and get better equipment. I'm not going to lie to guys here!

What am I planning to do?

I want to build better shows that allow me to travel to more locations around the world with a small film crew that will drastically increase the efficiency of my video recordings to show you how to speak in different locations. I'm starting (on my own) to travel to different parts in Los Angeles and I'm going to show people how to get around dubbed in Spanish, English, and Japanese!  I want to capture higher quality footages of travel spots and their culture! Also, with these new videos, I'll show you the pronunciation and must know phrases!

Why do I want to do all of this though?
First off, you guys deserve better. I feel like both the topics I cover have the potential to be made into much more intimate, engaging and fascinating videos than they are right now.

All in all, I just want the best for you guys and my channel, and unfortunately, the only way we are able to do that is by increasing our budget for the company.

Of course, please do not feel obligated to donate. I am already so, so thankful to have such a kind community of dedicated subscribers. Just watching my videos and supporting me is already something that I could NEVER have imagined before starting a channel.

Thank you.
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When I can earn $1000 an month, I can finally pay someone to edit my videos per month! I do have a lot of videos that I filmed, but don't have the time to spend on editing. I'll be able to upload 4 videos a week. One for Voice, English Spanish and Japanese instead of uploading vocab and phrase videos. I actually want to teach you guys!
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