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My name is Ross Flannery. Thank you for looking at my page!!!  Recently I purchased my first Jeep Wrangler, a 2011 JK soft top, and I love it. I have decided to try and make a living on working with and around Jeep Wranglers in a unique way.  I want to start restoring old Wranglers and do some customizing of them as well. I want to eventually turn this into a business.  But I am going to need some help getting my dream off the ground. That is where my Patreons will come in.  I owe a huge part of this dream to #IAMJAKE... I started watching his videos and he inspired me to try and live out my dream. Like all things in life sometimes it takes help to get things started. I appreciate everyone that considers being a part of that. Thanks Jake and Thanks Everyone!!!  Big things to come!!!
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This will help offset the setup expenses of getting this project off the ground!!!
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