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thank you :) i'll do a patron-only livestream every now and then and i'll let you vote on new ideas sometimes! yay

what the hay
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i'll draw your ponysona as a cheap stick pony you can download and i'll also put them somewhere in a stick pony video

i zap you
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i dont think this will happen but if it does i will be so happy i will send you a special hoof-drawn thank you note in the mail




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About Round Trip

Hi there, I'm Round Trip - aka the "MLP In a Nutshell" guy. I love making people laugh with my silly, fun My Little Pony-related videos. I'll probably be doing more stick pony stuff, but I'd also like to try out some new ideas too.
My content is pretty ridiculous, but I'd still be honored if you'd support my efforts to keep the world asking "what the hay?" :)
$213 of $500 per creation
at this point i could probably fund my world domination plans and lets be honest the planet needs me
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