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  • Episode progress, storyboard previews
  • Concept art
  • Animation gifs

Contains spoilers and sneak peeks!  

I'll also include every patron in the end credits of each episode, unless you wish otherwise! 




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I'm creating original animated series called ELF Legacy, a fantasy webseries with magical girls and elemental powers. 

ELF Legacy
is an animated show based on a comic from 2008 created by yours truly. It's a story of three human girls who inherit a huge legacy from another world, a gift of magic. It's also a story of an elf, who must learn to lead those three human girls, form a group and fight evil.

I'm aiming to produce multiple episodes 5-8 minutes long. One episode should take between 2-4 months to make, after I get the story written. 

Where the Patreon money goes?
Every bit helps to feed me and my dog, but I'm also looking to hire people to do music and voice acting for me. I only work part time or freelance at the moment so I can't afford to pay for any audio myself. I'm also using my patreon money to pay off all software bills.

I have produced Amnesia, another project of mine, and created 4 episodes after which I decided to switch to ELF Legacy putting Amnesia on hiatus.

I'm hoping to upload the first episode of ELF Legacy summer 2018.

Thank you for your support! <3
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I'll start making draw&talk videos weekly discussing ELF Legacy and showing animation progress.


ELF Legacy Discord channel
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