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Look, the main thing I'm good at is writing. So how can I created a specific reward for the thing I'm funding?




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About Rowan Kaiser

I'm a video game and pop culture critic; I've been published at The A.V. Club, The American Prospect, IGN, Ars Technica, Joystiq, and pretty much anywhere that'll have me. I'm also that guy who's writing the book about Mass Effect. And I tweet. A lot.

Freelance writing online is a wonderful way to discuss the things you love with the world, but it's also wonderful for being poor. Bring insight and entertainment to tens of thousands, get paid tens of tens. Hence Patreon, which will allow me to do three things:

1. It'll help me write articles that might be difficult to place elsewhere. Like most writers, I have dozens of good article ideas, but don't always have a place to pitch them. This will give me a chance to publish these, and continue making a living.

Some potential subjects include: "How Game Of Thrones Trolls Its Audience," "Video Games' Representation Wars," and "Mid-2000s Marvel Fights The Patriarchy."

2. This will also help my Mass Effect book, as I've found that I accomplish far more on it when my finances are comfortable. Which makes sense; if you need short-term work, long-term work goes to the backburner.

With that in mind, I'll be using the Patreon money to alternate the articles from #1 with excerpts from the book. So you can look forward to chapters like "The Crucible Of War: How Mass Effect 3's Structure Makes Great Plotting Impossible."

3. Finally, it will help me survive. I didn't want to turn this entire piece into a whine, but I'm living at the poverty line, have been for some time, and don't see any better way out of it while continuing to write--although I would be delighted to listen to high-paying consultancy offers or full-time employment opportunities.

[Side note: If you're really interested in knowing the finances of an apparently well-connected freelance writer, and how this connects to my previous crowdfunding attempt, I go into much more detail in this post. Short version: this page is to raise money for me, Rowan Kaiser, while the other is for the Possibility Space project.]

If this project reaches just a few hundred dollars per month, it'll dramatically increase the stability of my living situation and decrease my stress. Everything beyond that will allow me to write on the topics I'm most interested in, and give you the chance to read my very best work.
Also there will be cat pics.

Finally, I'll have to check how the pledges all end up working, but I don't plan on posting more than two articles per month.

$246 of $500 per article
This covers my rent, and that's a huge damn relief. So in honor of that, I'll dress the cats up, clean the floors, put on some fancy music and throw a parade, with pictures and videos for the internet. The cats are cute, by the way. I swear.
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